Ready-to-post videos in 20 seconds!

Create stunning social media videos with products from your integrated catalog and HTML5 design templates.
No need for video editing tools! No design skilles required!

Cheaper and faster video production

Videos in social media networks creates engagement, but are too often expensive to create due to long and tedious production process. With Adapt Retail you can whip up great looking videos for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat in just a few minutes!

Video files created to post wherever you like

The video files created in this modules are ready to be posted your social marketing channels. The file exported is a MP4 video format, and can either be embedded in the posts or even uploaded to to video web services, such as YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Turn your existing HTML5 banners ad into videos

Already made banners ads from Adapt Retail can be used as video content, and will be converted in a matter of seconds. You define seconds, in fact, since you can control the length of the video clips.

You can also use any other web page url as your content to record. Just punch in the URL, your desired length in seconds, and hit record.

Why video ads, and not HTML5 in Social Media posts?

In Social Media channels, there are limitations on what ad formats you can post, and HTML5 banner ads are not possible to embed or post. But, turn those banner ads into videos in GIF or MP4 format, and you are good to go!

Simple template framework for designers

Let template designers have full control of animations with our video framework built with GreenSock GSAP.

It’s easy to script and supports video, timelines, scenes and transitions. This combined will gain designers all the freedom to create the most awesome video templates!

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