Lightning fast multi-format poster creations

Import products into design templates and create multiple formats at once. Adjust elements position and information.

Drag and drop from your integrated product catalog

Place products from your integrated catalog by easily search and insert. Information fields such prices, title, vendor names and logos, image assets get instantly output on to your poster layouts.

Create multiple posters in multiple different formats at once

With Adapt Retail you can automate the production making hundreds or posters in well under five minutes! Each product you insert into your production gets multiple formats, and you can even multiple products onto each layout based on smart templates.

Make adjustments to content and design

Smart design templates allow users make adjustments. Scale, rotate and move elements such as text and images on the canvas.

You can also edit product information fields coming from your product catalog.

Export directly to PDF

Page templates can be set up to be “straight to print”, which means you can skip the design process all together. Export your posters directly to PDF. Perfect for small productions like custom brochures for sales campaigns, webpage downloadables and email attachments.

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