Brochure creation the structured way!

Drag and drop products into grid templates. Edit information and make notes. Export to Adobe InDesign for final design.

Drag and drop from your integrated product catalog

Place products from your integrated catalog by easily search and insert. Information fields such prices, title, vendor names and logos, image assets get instantly output on to your page layout.

Export directly to PDF

Page templates can be set up to be “straight to print”, which means you can skip the design process all together. Export your multi page brochure directly to PDF. Perfect for small productions like custom brochures for sales campaigns, webpage downloadables and email attachments.

Work visually with live content editing makes better layout!

75% of all our clients previously used Excel sheets as their main brochures tool for structure and content. This way they never got an impression of how the final product might look like since no product images or layout was given in preview.

Now, with drag and drop, you will immediately see what the product looks like in the layout by the amount of texts and fields available from the catalog integration, but also alt more visually with vendor logos and product images. Time to let visual feedback guide your layout!

Real-time collaboration and notes tool

Multiple people can edit the same production, allowing for real-time collaboration. Structure your workflow to speed up the production process.

Make page and layout notes to better communicate with others involved. Let your designers know what you have in mind for the layout if custom design adjustment is needed.


Import all pages into Adobe InDesign and make the final touches in the industry standard design tool.

When ready, designers can easily import the whole production into Adobe InDesign using our official Adobe InDesign plugin.

This is where the design and layout can be further refined. Although there are numerous web-to-print catalog systems on the market, the demand for post adjustments are almost always an issue, and our solution is a great one, saving time and getting a more structured workflow. It even make it possible to work closer up to deadlines.

Save time and money!

Poor communication between marketing departments and the design agency are often the reason for expensive and inefficient processes, ultimately leading to frustration. We hear those stories all the time, so you’re not alone.

With Adapt Retail’s Page Planner module you bring more insight to all involved parties throughout the process, thus creating an equal understanding and less surprises along the way.

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