Goodbye static – Hello dynamic!

Creating digital signage productions has never been more simple.
Insert products into animated design templates and publish directly!

Create In-store TV content fast with our product catalog integration

Place products from your integrated catalog by easily search and insert. Information fields such prices, title, vendor names and logos, image assets get instantly available for the monitor templates to use.

With a push of a button your content is available on your monitors in store!

The future way of creating engaging adverts in real-time

Digital posters in stores give the ability to quickly change the advertised content. Automatic changes of the content based on weather data, time of day, or “customer segmentation by camera” is the future way of creating engaging adverts in real-time.

Increase efficiency dramatically

When creating In-Store TV productions inside Adapt Retail, you do not need design skills! As a marketing person you rely on your design resources that have created a full suite of templates for you to use. These templates connects to your inserted products and fetch the fields, and all you have to do, is to push the updated digital signage content straight out on your monitors!

Supported by all major players

Our platform updates content, create automatic preview and users can publish directly from interface.

We have partners offering display solutions and control systems, and they all communicate great with Adapt Retail. Our productions can be used within all screen players supporting HTML5 (website views). 

MultiQ, DisplaySystemEvercom and Loop24 are some of our great friends providing A-Z in Digital Signage solutions.

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