Awesome campaign websites!

Make use of the Adapt Retail API to build independent campaign
websites directly integrated with your product catalog.

Add great design elements and functionality on existing web pages

An effective sales campaign deserves an equal effective campaign website! Often we hear from clients that they have E-commerce solutions that is close to imposible to customize, let alone design changes!

Adapt Retail’s Campaign Website module makes it easy to build HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of existing webpages – no need for heavy integration, and IT department doesn’t even have to be involved.

It takes less than a minute to include the module at existing websites, and involves just a line of code.

Connect to Adapt Retail API

All data is stored accessible through API, meaning our clients get the complete freedom to make use of these in external creatives and applications. We have clients using the API-data for all kinds of purposes, such as content for Apple and Android apps, physical shelf marker – systems, supplementary “impression and click”-reports to media agencies, online competitions, etc.

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