Banners ready in 5 seconds!

Create stunning HTML5 banners based on design templates.
Change banner content even after published. Realtime reporting included.

Create banners blazing fast with our product catalog integration

Place products from your integrated catalog by easily search and insert. Information fields such prices, title, vendor names and logos, image assets get instantly available for the banner template to use.

With a push of a button your HTML5 banners are ready to publish through your ad network.

Increase efficiency dramatically

When creating banners inside Adapt Retail, you do not need design skills! As a marketing person you rely on your design resources that have created a full suite of templates for you to use. These templates connects to your inserted products and fetch the fields directly and prepare links, interactions and tracking.

Real time content editing

Gain competitive advantage using Adapt Retail to create display banners. Need to override information fields coming from your product catalog? No problem! Just check the override box and change texts and images.

This feature maks it easy to create campaign productions that runs on different date ranges where i.e. the prices varies from campaign to campaign.

Be creative

Creating banner ad productions do not require any design knowledge since it’s a fully automated job, based on information put into a design template.

At the same time, the template designer gets all the freedom he needs to be able to create stunning functionality such as advanced animations, Click&Collect integrations, videos and more!

Advanced real time reporting

It is equipped with highly functional tools for reporting whereas the customer receives valuable insight in real-time, expressed through an easy-to-understand report. It is of course possible to extract the numbers to process using other external tools (Excel etc.) as well.

And since banners are hosted and served through Adapt Retail, you can make use of the real-time editing, if analytic insights suggests switching out contents or design.

Responsive banner design

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of the different banner width and height formats. That’s why we have the option of making design templates automatically fit any width and height!

Plan your banner design in a responsive way, and set some basic instructions on how to behave if the format is a wide-, a square-, or a height format. It’ll save you tons of hours!

All major display networks supported

If your display network can serve dynamic HTML5 content, we probably connect well! Our clients have used ad campaign solutions such as AdForm and Google Double Click with great success.

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