Adobe InDesign Plugin

No more tedious cut and paste from emails, spreadsheets and catalog systems.
Just search and place products from your own product catalog – without ever leaving Adobe InDesign!

Connect your product catalog directly into Adobe InDesign

Search for products and pull up all the information fields you want to use in your document – all inside Adobe InDesign! The Adapt Retail InDesign plugin integrates directly to your product catalog, and the results always show updated information. Read more about the Product Catalog integration module here.

Import product information along with images, texts and price into Adobe InDesign

Information fields such prices, title, vendor names and logos, image assets get instantly available for InDesign document templates to use.

The templates are easily created by your creative team, and is very easy to set up. The design workflow is a traditional InDesign setup with paragraph and character styles.

Place full brochures from Page Planner into Adobe InDesign

The combination of our module Page Planner and Adobe InDesign plugin is a great one, and it really compliments each other. While your sales and marketing department work on the content, the designers can do what they’re best at; design! A multi page brochure can be imported directly inside Adobe InDesign.

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